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We are there with our customers at every step of the process, from planning to production to implementation and installation, delivering on all milestones. We take our clients’ trust seriously because the customers’ success is our success. VPSI delivers proven value added Systems Engineering services and solutions. We have in depth C5ISR services and solutions with proven experience gained supporting the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS, an ACAT 1 Program). VPSI has the expertise needed to support war-fighting and engineering superiority to deliver Information Dominance for the U.S. and our allied military partners. Our demonstrated capabilities include the following:

Delivering $56M in cost avoidance through our innovative engineering services enabling four additional 25 kHz channels on the UHF constellation at no additional cost resulting in an overall upgrade to the system capabilities
Identifying system supportability risks that posed potential detrimental impacts to system sustainability, VPSI engineers developed engineering resource and scheduling solutions that significantly increased the change of successful rescue of isolated aircrew and Special Forces while significantly decreasing the probability of their capture or death
Providing $24M in cost avoidance with Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Follow-On (UFO) Constellation Reallocation Project

VPSI’s systems engineers develop innovative solutions to ensure knowledge superiority to and for the end user through design, acquisition, and life-cycle support of integrated C2 and C5ISR systems; IT; and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Services and Solutions. Our engineers are involved in all phases of the C5ISR life-cycle including Systems Engineering, Test and Evaluation (T&E), and Systems Implementation/Installation. We have been instrumental in fielding proven innovative solutions to support the DoD, Federal agencies, and our warfighters. Leveraging our CMMI ML3 certification, we ensure consistent, repeated, and positive results for all of our supported and deployed solutions.

Our Exceptional Past Performance Includes The Following Examples

SPAWAR 2.0, Acquisition Contracts Directorate
Serving as the lead architect and engineer for the ACE-C architecture, we collaborated closely with SPAWAR leadership, SSC-LANT New Orleans (NOLA) hosting team; SSC-PAC Legacy hosting facility; SPAWAR CIO and 8.0 group; PMW-160 Information Assurance (IA) team; NETWARCOM; NMCI personnel; PM NMCI; and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to migrate the ACE-C systems into the SSC-LANT NOLA NMCI e-DMZ hosting facility. VPSI developed the project and migrations plans, concept of operations documentation and oversaw the successful mitigation of risks and action items with zero unscheduled downtime or service disruption.

SPAWAR PEO Space Systems, PMW 146
VPSI was tasked by PEO Space Systems, the Communications Satellite Program Office (PMW 146), and the Space Remote Sensing Program Office (PMW 147) with providing the full range of engineering support services including requirements development and tracking, system performance analysis, technical analysis, system interface verification and validation, system engineering, security engineering and management, performance modeling and simulations, and test and evaluation, and life cycle support services. We assisted with the planning and development of the integration of spacecraft pre-launch test plans required by the Space and Launch APM in support of the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) program. We provided key production engineering support to the Integrated Product Teams (IPT) including the ATLAS Systems Engineering IPT, Delta Systems Engineering IPT, Prime Launch System IPT, flight certified production control and Integrated Ground Systems IPT. VPSI provides engineering support for production related to the Launch System IPT, and Prime Production Ground Systems IPT.

We were the primary support contractor for constellation sustainment systems engineering on both government and commercially owned satellite based communication and network systems. We provided launch system engineering support by performing engineering analyses, trade studies, technical reviews, and assessments of existing and proposed systems designs for ground segments and satellite launch systems including the Lockheed Martin Atlas Launch Vehicles and the Boeing Delta Launch Vehicles.

SPAWAR PMW 160, C4I Systems Engineering
In support of the PEO-C4I and Space, PMW 160, VPSI was responsible for supporting the acquisition, integration, delivery, and support of network infrastructure and basic network information distribution services in support of force-wide tactical information and combat support systems. Our engineering support services include support to systems such as the Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS), Integrated Shipboard Network System (ISNS), Naval Global Directory Services (NGDS), Personal Computer (PC) Project, Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Networks, Submarine Local Area Network (SUBLAN), and the Automated Digital Network Switching (ADNS) programs. VPSI provided architecture analysis and engineering support to the Architecture Integrated Product Team (AIPT) for SPAWAR. We provided Architecture Development Support for operational views, system views, technical views, and All-Views. VPSI system engineers provided system analysis, ensuring IA architecture requirements were met during the design of the programs.

SPAWAR PMW 205, Naval Enterprise Networks
VPSI has been involved in every major program milestone of this Program by managing, supporting, and driving the execution of NETWARCOM’s legacy network termination effort Cyber Condition Zebra (CCZ), the valuation of NMCI Vendor Intellectual Property, the NMCI Contract Extension (which included the Government requirement to register all legacy devices or face disconnection of legacy services), to the more recent stand up of the first Maritime Operation Centers (MOCs) that brought NMCI to the forefront of Command and Control (C2) Capabilities. Our engineering inputs and analysis have supported every phase of these high-priority projects.

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