General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology Services (IT) Schedule 70

VPSI is a preferred vendor under GSA IT-70, a Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) for high-performance information technology by providing state-of-the-art commercial hardware, software, services and solutions.

Schedule 70 (IT-70) is an indefinite delivery indefinite quantity (IDIQ) multiple award schedule providing direct access to IT products and services from over 5,000 industry partners. IT-70 is the largest, most widely used acquisition vehicle in the federal government.

Our GSA IT-70 Schedule

Our IT 70 Schedule offers the “best-value” solution in all areas of advanced information technology-based systems, services and solutions. Our experience and success with government agencies enable us to understand and prepare what is needed to deliver leading edge IT solutions.

We are committed to helping our clients reinvent their organizations, enhance their capacity for change, and create lasting value for our clients and their customers. We work closely with our clients to define achievable targets, objectives, and expectations that enable expected outcomes with quantifiable and measurable indicators of success.

Our commitment to our clients is further reflected by our ability to expand past traditional boundaries and create innovative, value-added solutions, which deliver verifiable cost savings. We are committed to aiding our clients in discovering new paths to sustained high performance.

By offering this multi-service contracting device, we reduce the delays usually associated with government purchases so that work can start faster; because all pricing is pre-negotiated, costs are easier to manage!

Contract Number:
GS-35F-226BAContract Period:Through Feb 19, 2019
(With a 5 year option)

Special Item Numbers (SIN) Awarded:
132-51, IT Professional Services

Contact Information:
(t) (619) 297-5656

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VPSI GSA IT70 Services Price List

SF 1449

Our GSA IT-70 Fact Sheet

GSA IT 70 Advantage

We offer the full range of management, organizational and business improvement professional services that government agencies need today to deliver solutions that work cost effectively to improve agency mission performance and to enhance quality of service to agency customers.

Advantages of using the GSA IT 70 schedule include:

  • Wide variety of products and services
  • Easy compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Easy online ordering through GSA e-Tools
  • Responsive regional GSA representatives
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements allow customers to fulfill repetitive needs under GSA Schedule contracts

VPSI IT 70 SIN Details

The following service/product SINS are offered on our Information Technology Schedule GS-35F-226BA: SIN 132-51 IT Professional Services and the following services that may be ordered include, but are not limited to:

  • IT Strategic Planning and Program Assessments
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
  • Software Life Cycle Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Systems and Database Design
  • Systems Development and Testing, Installation and Acceptance,
  • Programming, Integration
  • Interoperability Verification and Testing
  • Systems, Software and Data Conversion
  • Systems Enhancements, Support and Maintenance
  • Systems Documentation
  • Systems Configuration Management

Using the IT 70 Schedule

GSA’s streamlined ordering procedures have reduced the often tedious, time-consuming government procurement process to a few simple steps. GSA has done this by pre-qualifying vendors to perform a range of services. GSA has reviewed vendor qualifications, capabilities and cost schedules in advance of the need for services, and identified these vendors, by type of service, on its GSA Advantage!™ Web site. For VPSI, refer to Contract Number: GS-35F-226BA.

This approval is valid for all organizations in the federal government, and other governmental agencies, and the entire process, from identifying the SOW to having a contractor on board. If you have questions about using this schedule contract for IT Services, please let us know, as we can:

  • Discuss your technical requirements
  • Provide recommendations regarding the appropriate labor categories, number of hours required for each labor category, and any Other Direct Costs (ODCs) necessary to accomplish your project
  • Provide references for similar work completed by VPSI

Services may also be ordered using a purchase order or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), depending on the nature of your requirement. A BPA provides a convenient and timely method for ordering anticipated repetitive needs for supplies and services.

 GSA Schedule procurement steps for services begins with preparing a Statement of Work (SOW) to include the following:

  1. Brief description of services to be provided
  2. Period of performance
  3. Place of performance
  4. Any other information necessary to define the work requirements
  5. Obtain price lists from three Schedule contractors and prepare cost comparison per applicable labor categories
  6. Prepare justification for selection
  7. Submit justification, funding documents and SOW to agency contracting office
  8. Agency contracting office requests cost quote from VPSI
  9. Agency contracting office issues either a Firm-Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Materials (T&M), and/or Labor Hour delivery order to VPSI.

Did You Know: GSA reports a reduced acquisition period of only 30 days under an IT-70 RFQ versus 268 days for a standard agency solicitation?