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Community Relations

Peace Corps - Tanzania - The Peace Corps works in countries from Asia to Central America, and from Europe to Africa. In each of these countries, Volunteers work with governments, schools and entrepreneurs to address changing and complex needs in education, health and HIV/AIDS, business, information technology, agriculture and the environment.


VPSI, in collaboration with the Peace Corps, has donated two laptops to a secondary school in Tanzania. A Peace Corps Volunteer teaching math, physics, and computers at the school has provided the training necessary to effectively use the computers. More specifically, students and teachers have received training in researching information, software maintenance, word processing, spreadsheet design and desktop publishing. In addition to receiving these basic computer skills the students use the computers to write resumes and create research projects on a variety of subjects. The teachers also use the computers for lesson planning, grade recording, test writing and as teaching aids within the classroom. Through VPSI's donation, the school is able to provide the skills in information technology that enable its students to remain competitive in an increasingly technologically dependent world.


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Children International- All children are a part of our future. VPSI maintains an active role supporting education, health, nutrition, Family Assistance and Youth Support for children around the world. Since 1997, VPSI has supported many children such as Mary Rose, an 8 year old in the Philippines; Rosemary, a 9 year old in Zambia; Angelo, a 6 year old in the Philippines; Sampa, an 11 year old in India; Oscar, a 5 year old in Honduras; Alexander, a 4 year old in the Dominican Republic and Ana an 11 year old in Mexico. Easing the burden of poverty and helping a child in need has become a company wide activity. Through each new opportunity attained, the resulting program is recognized through the sponsorship of another child. VPSI encourages you to investigate sponsoring a child yourself. Child sponsorship connects a needy child with an individual sponsor who wishes to make a lasting difference in an impoverished child’s life. Through regular contributions, a sponsor helps provide the basic tools a child needs to one day become a healthy, educated and productive adult.


Wounded Warriors - VPSI is a proud Corporate contributor to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). WWP is a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. VPSI is proud to be a Corporate contributor helping WWP to offer wounded veterans of this nation’s armed forces services and programs like benefits and career counseling, advocacy initiatives and combat stress seminars to aid in the transition from hospital bed to an independent, productive life. In addition to supporting the WWP, VPSI is proud of the number of veterans from all branches of the services that fill our ranks. VPSI has worked with the Veterans Administration (VA) to provide employment opportunities for transitioning service disabled veterans with a rewarding career opportunity. We feel it is our duty to support those who have done theirs.


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - Each year Thousands of committed people throughout San Diego County participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure to fight breast cancer. VPSI is honored to be a corporate sponsor with not only donations, but through our employees who participate in the event and attend the course providing refreshments and assistance to participants. Each year, this event reminds us that it is not just nameless persons that we are working hard to support, but our own mothers, sisters, daughters, coworkers- this commitment to our community is a commitment to them.


We maintain this company culture with a sincere dedication to ourselves, our employees, our clients and our communities. We believe in the value of our employees and their contribution to the success of our clients. By blending a corporate culture with an empowering employee centric vision, we are able to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients and those that look to us for our services, professionally, culturally and personally.

Camp Pendleton Thanksgiving- Each Year VPSI Employees volunteer donations, resources and their time to deliver full Thanksgiving Dinners to deserving and less fortunate Marine Families. What started out as inviting a Marine to dinner has evolved over the years into providing Marines with families who are economically unable to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. VPSI is proud to support not only the Marines, but employees who work to deliver full traditional meals to the Marine at Camp Pendleton at this annual time of thanks.


National Honor Society - Southern California - VPSI has become involved in yet another humanitarian cause and support to our local community. The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization whose charter is to encourage our young future leaders to provide community outreach services by hosting fundraisers and performing volunteer work for those in need. The NHS has established a Community Outreach Program in conjunction with the Baja Christian Ministries to raise $14,000 to purchase and build two homes for impoverished families. Once their financial goal is reached, two home ‘kits’ are delivered to the job site for the NHS volunteers to construct both houses. These kits are turnkey solutions and include the necessary materials for efficient construction. The NHS volunteers are comprised of students, teachers, friends and family who volunteer their services to build these homes. The current construction is expected to commence in May 2011.


NHS has organized, hosted, and managed numerous fund raising events:

Bake Sales
Bowl-A-ThonsBook Sales
Appealed for student donations
Solicited Corporate Sponsorships (such as VPSI)


In support of this effort, VPSI has agreed to sponsor a NHS student and match dollar for dollar, all monies raised by the student. The total jointly raised contribution has totaled $1,860.00.


VPSI is pleased to continue our efforts by helping to contribute to our communities and to the causes that are dear to our VPSI family members.


All of our VPSI family members share in this recognition of appreciation from those involved in the Program above.

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VPSI maintains an active role supporting education, health, nutrition, Family Assistance and Youth Support for children around the world...

vpsi susan g komen for the cure

VPSI is honored to be a corporate sponsor with not only donations, but through our employees who participate in the event and attend the course providing refreshments and assistance to participants.