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Client Testimonials

peo space systems patchFrom: Program Executive Office (PEO) Space Systems Commander
As part of the retention of maximum mission capability and with reduced resources, VPSI was called upon to perform engineering support following the loss of a Ultra High Frequency Follow-On (UFO) satellite coupled with the loss of Leased Satellite (LEASAT) 5 wideband transponder in the CENTCOM OPAREA. To combat the loss of vital communication links, VPSI played a key role in the development of a strategic plan and roadmap to optimize the remaining UFO constellation. The team’s efforts resulted in providing four additional 25 kHz channels on the UHF constellation at no additional cost supporting an overall upgrade to the system capabilities, critical to the Warfighter. This increased capacity came with a cost avoidance of $56M. “… And, I should add, these restoration efforts with increased capacity came at no additional cost to the Warfighter.”

From: PEO Space Systems Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)
“… Extremely pleased…exceptionally degree of performance…excellent level of communications and coordination …always available at our site whenever needed … keep us informed of the progress, schedules and budgets of all efforts … extremely satisfied with the quality of service and deliverables … on time and without discrepancy … on numerous occasion, we required VPSI exceptional staff to react to technical challenges …on every occasion they were able to react and respond with the utmost efficiency enabling them to follow through with successful technical innovations and improvements …instrumental role in the development of the $1 Billion EEL V Buy III Launch Vehicle Strategy and the very successful UFO Constellation Reallocation Project ; an approximately $24M cost avoidance”

peo c41 patchFrom: Program Executive Office C4I Program Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR)
“VPSI is a significant contributor to policy development for Navy and DoD efforts to incorporate the new Lean Six Sigma (LSS) End-to-End Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and DoD IA C&A Process Guidance (DIACAP) processes in DoD IA programs.”

From: Navy SPAWAR Program Contracting Officer's Representative (COR)
“VPSI successfully led the completion of the complex migration of the ACE-C integrated enterprise architecture and suite of applications from the Legacy environment to a Shared Services NMCI e-DMZ that is fully replicated from New Orleans to San Diego. This complex process involves migration from a single boundary environment on a single operating system platform to a new network domain with multiple boundaries and multiple operating systems platforms. VPSI’s foresight of attaining the “Type” accreditation for the ACE-C architecture and suite of systems enabled thisspawar patch complex migration to be fast tracked through the CARS process and to be completed at a lower cost and less processing time through NMCI and NETWARCOM. VPSI has successfully supported the Branch’s vision of standing up ACE-C as the current largest business Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) within the SPAWAR Enterprise enabling acquisition and contracts services offerings to SPAWAR HQ, SSC-PAC, SSC-LANT as well as NAVSEA and potentially other SYSCOMS in FY-09 and beyond. This also enabled the Branch to meet the Command’s objective of becoming the SOA Provider and Application Hosting Facility for the Navy.”

From: SPAWARSYSCOM Paperless Initiatives Implementation Branch Head
“Your forward thinking and perseverance in leading us to attain the Type Accreditation may well save us (the Government) time and money. Thanks … AGAIN.”

From: SPAWAR Commander via SPAWAR Lightning Bolt Award
VPSI members of the Combat Survivor Evader Locater–Navy (CSEL-N), initial fielding Integrated Product Team (IPT), identified system supportability risks that posed potential detrimental impacts to system sustainability. VPSI engineers coordinated with IPT members and Navy Leadership, and developed resource and scheduling solutions that significantly “increased the chance of a successful rescue of isolated aircrew and Special Forces, and significantly decreased the probability of their capture or death.”

From: DISA Commander
“This is terrific news and highlights your outstanding contributions in operation and protecting DoD’s networks and information systems. The tireless efforts by the combined JTF-GNO/GSSC/DISA Support Element team have been recognized throughout not only your hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. You and your families have every reason to be proud and celebrate this noteworthy accomplishment—WELL DONE!!” Best wishes for your continued success.

From: Manufacturing Resource Planning Program (PMA-203) of Naval Air Systems Command via Letter of Appreciation
“I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for your outstanding efforts in this year's Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Annual Close event. Your personal dedication and effort made this end of the year event the best that we have experienced under the NAVAIR Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Sigma. Through your expertise and initiative, NAVAIR was able to close out ahead of all external and internal deadlines despite the conflicting activities of the Sigma retirement effort, the initial business validation of Navy ERP and the final date conversion effort into Navy ERP. The success of this event was a direct result of your personal involvement. This outstanding accomplishment is a tribute to how your efforts are value added to the NAVAIR team and allows this program office to continue to set the standard for public sector Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiatives. I am honored to work with personnel of your caliber.”