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Information Technology Solutions

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VPSI designs, develops, implements and manages world class scalable enterprise IT architecture.


vpsi business intelligence imageVPSI Information Technology Services are focused on delivering to our clients the most robust, end-to-end solutions available in today’s evolving IT Centric environment. Our intelligent technology solutions and services are scalable and portable based on our approach in the design, development and implementation. Our method is to develop end-to-end, integrated solutions that seamlessly fit with existing architectures and legacy systems.


We leverage our technical expertise to develop requirements specifications from design concepts through analysis of existing and commercial systems to meet the needs of our clients. Our application development and software engineering personnel developed seamless web-enabled applications. We integrated information systems meeting the operational and mission critical requirements of our clients.


VPSI systems, network and communications engineers have designed and implemented large scale, secure, enterprise networks, including nationwide backbone engineering, centralized network operations control and fail-over centers, data processing center solutions, and high-speed voice and video network capable solutions.

Systems Integration Technology Services Software Engineering Business Solutions
» Systems Analysis and Design
» Systems Installation
» Systems Optimization
» Systems Administration
» Systems Integration
» Systems Maintenance
» Systems Life Cycle Support

» Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Services
» Web Services integration
» Enterprise Global Integration Grid (GIG)
» Public Key Enabling (PKE)
» Systems Virtualization
» Backups and Recovery
» Remote Access Solutions

» Application Development
» Application Hosting
» Software Development
» Software Integration
» Software Engineering
» Data mining
» Database Development
» Database Administration
» Database Optimization
» Prototype Development
» Custom Programming
» Modeling and Simulation
» Performance Tuning
» Automated Testing

» Systems Migration
» Prototype Development
» Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) migration support
» Help Desk/Services Desk
» Training
» Knowledge Management
» Configuration Management
» Business Contingency Plan
» Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
» Quality Assurance (QA)
» Business Process Engineering
» White Papers & Tradeoff Studies