Cyber Security & Information Assurance

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VPSI Corporate Overview

We provide a full suite of Information Assurance services, and take pride in providing comprehensive solutions for our customers. Our innovative Cyber Security (CS) and  Information Assurance (IA) services include technological advances and cutting edge security solutions such as Identity and Privilege Management, Network Operations (NetOps), Security Engineering, and Situational Awareness with federated capabilities.

Our extensive experience across the IA/CS spectrum gives VPSI a unique capability to implement effective cyber security strategies and solutions.

VPSI has extensive experience protecting information and the systems it resides on against unauthorized access across the five core competencies of Information Assurance.

VPSI Core CS/IA Capabilities

⋆ Authentication– Guaranteeing that information and its supporting systems are accessed only by persons with the appropriate level of authorization.

⋆ Availability- Information availability and the supporting technology and the professionals who maintain the infrastructure.

⋆ Confidentiality- Ensuring that only authorized persons have access to the information and its supporting technology.

⋆ Integrity- Trustworthiness of information and the supporting technology and their reliability.

⋆Non-Repudiation- Ensuring the identity of the authorized person accessing the information and its supporting systems.

⋆Risk Management Framework- Expert knowledge with NIST 800-37 and FISMA to migrate Security Authorization services for continuous monitoring.

Our experience includes employing forensic and intrusion detection methods and programs to detect and protect a variety of enterprise systems and networks. Our capabilities played a key role in guiding the security architecture for the first certified wireless network afloat. Our CS competency along with our CS professional team, align to deliver the goals outlined by the DoD IA Strategic Plan:

  • Protect information
  • Defend systems and networks
  • Provide integrated IA/NetOps to include conducting CS/Computer Network Defense Operations and Net-Centric Warfare
  • Transform and enable CS capabilities with emerging technologies and process improvement
  • Delivery of CS empowered workforce with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time

VPSI Project Experience

⋆ SPAWAR PEO SS PMW 146: VPSI was responsible for all C&A services performed in support of the MUOS Ground Stations located world-wide. This also included transitioning MUOS from C&A to RMF A&A, we provided security engineering support to PEO Space Systems PMW 146 by performing engineering analyses in conjunction with DISA for site-to-site connectivity and DISN connection. VPSI has chaired System/Software Specification Reviews (SSR), Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR), Critical Design Reviews (CDR) and Test Readiness Reviews (TRR).

⋆ DIA National Media Exploitation Center: Guided the secure development and accreditation of an Intelligence Community tool via RMF.

⋆ DIA DOMEX: Performing software code refactoring while ensuring the System Security Architecture.

⋆ DIA DARI: Managing the accreditation process for emerging technologies into the Intelligence Community.

⋆ SPAWAR PMW 160 C4I Systems Engineering: As the Certification Authority for PMW 160, VPSI established a program wide baseline of all systems and their characteristics which was used to maintain a proactive security posture, assessing potential, emerging and realized security risks and threats.

⋆ DISA PEO MA NetOps Division IA2, Security Engineering: VPSI provided all IA and security engineering expertise necessary to support the IA and security engineering activities across IA2 projects.

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