Program & Financial Management Services

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Our personnel have proven experience in developing project schedules and milestones, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), detailed action plans, cost estimates and models, cost and schedule baselines, and program acquisition support to ACAT Level 1-3 programs in the DoD 5000 series. Our program and financial management services have earned numerous SPAWAR Lightning Bolt Awards and formal Letters of Recognition.Our demonstrated capabilities include the following:Established acquisition documentation for the procurement of commercial leased satellites, the development of the $1B Launch Vehicle Strategy, and the very successful UFO Constellation Reallocation Project which “resulted in approximately $24M in (Government) cost avoidance”Automated SPAWAR Service Delivery Status Report saving over 100 man-hours per year, and was nominated for a SPAWAR efficiency awardReduced PEO Space Systems IT costs by more than 12% under the “Cost of Doing Business” initiativeOur budget experience includes managing the budget for SSC Atlantic’s Horn of Africa Networks and Telecommunications IPT and the Navy Electronic Security System budgets. Our management of the budget entailed the development of a Spend Plan Budget template that incorporates all facets of project requirements to include labor, travel, contracts, Other Direct Charges, external competencies, and project oversight management requirements.Our Exceptional Past Performance Includes The Following Examples

SPAWAR COMPTROLLER Budget and Financial ServicesVPSI supports the SPAWAR Government Travel Charge Card program, and acts as the Agency Program Coordinator. We perform on-site processing of GTCC account information and provide GTCC reports both at the SPAWAR Claimancy and Headquarters levels as prescribed by the FMR. As part of the SPAWAR Travel Group, our personnel manage the DTS Help Desk, which provides assistance and training to government travelers. Our services include the preparation of Joint Travel Regulation/Joint Federal Travel Regulations compliant Manual Travel Orders. We collect and maintain SF 1164 Voucher information and provide reconciliation analysis of outstanding commitments and obligations, rejected transactions, and provide analysis of the root cause. We serve as the DTS Debt Management Monitor to ensure delinquent accounts are rectified within the 60 day established performance metric.

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT) Program Management ServicesVPSI provides Program and Financial Management Support to the Navy Electronic Security Systems (Navy ESS) IPT within the Business and Force Support Budget Plan, and the Horn of Africa (HoA) Networks and Telecommunications Sub-Portfolio within the Transport and Communications Infrastructure (TCI) BP. VPSI’s support has included development of scalable and customized Spend Plan Budget templates for use by the Navy ESS IPT and HoA Sub-IPT to develop concise budgets for program sponsors. VPSI’s use of a standardized SPB for these programs has allowed them to provide the same information to the USAFRICOM Sponsor at Camp Lemonnier Djibouti. Additionally, VPSI’s in-depth knowledge of DoD and DoN Financial Management Regulations and program execution requirements has been key to the Navy ESS IPT Lead and HoA Sub-IPT Lead turning to VPSI to provide thoroughly reviewed programmatic and financial recommendations and solutions for the allocation of project funding for ongoing and future projects.

SPAWAR PMW 205, Naval Enterprise NetworksWe supported achieving a major contractual milestone of moving from NMCI to NMCI Continuity of Service (CosC) by developing specific sections within the Government Statement of Work (SOW), creating Contract Deliverable Line Items (CDRLs), changing services, and communicating the impact of the new contract to the end-user through NMCI publications and customer forums. We are solely responsible for managing the NMCI Core Build and manage all applications on the Core Build. VPSI also manages the release schedule, reacts to security requirements, and ensures compliance with Government policy. Under our management, this program went from 20% compliance to 100% compliance.

SPAWAR PEO Space Systems, PMW 146VPSI assisted the PEO with Program Management support services necessary to achieve the delivery of reliable, affordable, flexible, effective and seamless space systems that support the DoD and U.S. Agencies to enable joint, coalition, combined, and Naval operations. We provided the Government with the full range of management support services including requirements development and tracking, system performance analysis, technical analysis, system interface verification and validation, system engineering, security engineering and management, performance modeling and simulations, and test and evaluation, and life cycle support services.

SPAWAR PMW 160, Embarkables Engineering Program SupportFor the Program Executive Officer (PEO), C4I and Space, PMW 160, Afloat Networks, VPSI provides the necessary timely assistance to meeting program emergent requirements as requested by the Program Manager or other properly designated authority. We advise, consult and coordinate with government acquisition managers, Embarkable Systems Integration Team (ESIT), NMCI/SPAWAR PMW 205, HP, TYCOM’s, MARCOSYSCOM, HQMC C4, MCNOSC, PMW 750, and related organizations and support personnel on programmatic and technical issues.

SPAWAR, Command Information OfficerVPSI provided Program Management support across all of Code 8.0 where we facilitated, and documented key Leadership meetings, including the 8.0 and 8.2 HQ Staff Meetings, Program Reviews, All Hands, and VSYSCOM telecoms. We led and supported key SPAWAR CIO initiatives including the development and population of the 8.2 SPAWAR Process Workbook (SPW), development of the 8.0 Task & Service Support (TSS) and 8.2 Competency Development Model (CDM) revisions that required consolidating four Tier-3 CDMs into a single cohesive document that covered the entire 8.2 organization. We provided executive and administrative support, performance measurement, strategic initiative development and implementation, IT compliance (Clinger Cohen Act (CCA)), IA, FORCENet, IT procurement), IT Operations, Multi-Function Device (MFD) support, IT system registration, IT budget preparation and oversight, application integration, and IT policy development and implementation.

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