Cloud Development Services

Supporting a wide variety of mission requirements, VPSI provides expert-level Commercial Cloud Based solutions by maintaining and transforming Data Warehouses. Our team of Cloud experts are certified AWS Cloud Practitioners, Oracle DBAs, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Certified Cloud Security Professionals (CCSP), AWS Solutions Architects, DevOPS Engineers, Certified SAFe Agilists, and Azure Solutions ArchitectsOur applied capabilities include:

•Developing the Architecture and Implementation Concept across multiple programs

•Identifying the components and dependencies for running AWS Services;

•Developing software installation and configuration requirements

•Configuring  AWS Services to meet performance levels and conduct  data migration

•Coordinate with customer teams to enable DevSecOps Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery of capabilities to the cloud (both enterprise and NMEC cloud enclave)

•Conduct testing of end-to-end transactions for the migrated capabilities running on AWS Services

VPSI maintains the applied experience and in-house expertise to provide operational and development support within the latest Cloud platforms.