VPSI Achieves Fifteen Year Milestone Supporting Navy MILSATCOM

VPSI PressMay 5, 2017The fifth Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite recently achieved operational status for legacy Ultra High Frequency (UHF) communications. This achievement also marks the 15th year of Vector Planning & Services, Inc.’s (VPSI) engineering and program support services in support of Navy’s Military Satellite Communications (MILSATCOM) programs.Beginning in 2002, VPSI has provided systems engineering for the acquisition and sustainment of UHF Follow-On and MUOS satellites, for the MUOS ground system, and for the support of Navy leased commercial satellite services. VPSI engineers, analysts, and technical subject matter experts have conducted MILSATCOM requirements analyses, reviews, satellite validation and verification, launch support, and testing activities alongside our Government counterparts. MUOS provides ultra-high frequency narrow band communication to the warfighter delivering greater mobility, higher bit rates and improved operational availability.
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MUOS provides ultra-high frequency narrow band communication to the warfighter delivering greater mobility, higher bit rates and improved operational availability.
Guided by VPSI’s Satellite Communications Program Manager, Wayne Mandak, VPSI today provides MUOS ground system engineering, technical, operation, and cybersecurity support for the MUOS system. The MUOS satellites are dual payload, with legacy UHF and the technology leading implementation of the Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, a cellular-like system to provide warfighters with expanded capacity, and on-the-move communications.Tony Nufer, VPSI’s Western Region Director, said, “Achievement of this 15-year milestone has only been possible through the dedication of our employees working closely with the Navy program engineering and acquisition teams. VPSI’s forward-looking MILSATCOM experts are now focused on the future, offering paths to improved operation, sustainment, and, ultimately, enhancement and replacement of satellites and systems for spaced-based communications.”VPSI salutes all of those who have worked diligently and with enthusiasm to reach this key program milestone. To you we say, Bravo Zulu!

VPSI’s Systems Engineering Team Supports MUOS-5 Satellite Achievement

Vector Planning & Services, Inc. (VPSI) is pleased to congratulate the U.S. Navy – Industry Team for the fifth Mobile User Objective Systems (MUOS) communications satellite achievement of an operational orbit and deployment of the satellite arrays and antennas.MUOS-5The Navy announced on November 3 that the satellite will undergo on-orbit testing for acceptance into the five-satellite MUOS constellation.VPSI has supported this milestone as the Systems Engineering Support Services contractor to the Program Executive Office Space Systems and the Navy Communications Satellite Program Office. Built by Lockheed Martin, MUOS provides narrowband ultra-high frequency (UHF) satellite communications with two payloads, one for legacy UHF satellite communications and the other a technology leading use of a Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) waveform to provide the warfighter more mobile, higher data rate, and improved operational available communications. VPSI’s Team of employees and subcontractors has supported the MUOS program since its inception and continue to provide systems engineering program excellence through test, operation, and sustainment of the MUOS space and ground systems.VPSI’s CEO, VADM Paul Ilg USN (Ret), said “Completing the MUOS constellation of four operational and one in-orbit spare satellites marks the beginning of an era of providing warfighters with mobile communications similar to those we’ve come to expect in our daily lives; always there, voice and data, with ever increasing capabilities. We are very pleased and proud of our Team’s employees for being a part of this success.”

VPSI Systems Engineering

VPSI’s systems engineers develop innovative solutions to ensure knowledge superiority to and for the end user through design, acquisition, and life-cycle support of integrated C2 and C5ISR systems; IT; and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Services and Solutions. Our engineers are involved in all phases of the C5ISR life-cycle including Systems Engineering, Test and Evaluation (T&E), and Systems Implementation/Installation. We have been instrumental in fielding proven innovative solutions to support the DoD, Federal agencies, and our warfighters. Leveraging our CMMI ML3 certification, we ensure consistent, repeated, and positive results for all of our supported and deployed solutions.