VPSI Awarded Defensive Cyberspace Operations Engineering Contract

VPSI PressDecember 14, 2017
SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific has selected Vector Planning & Services, Inc. for award to support the development of a distributed security operations center (SOC) for the US Navy. This SOC will include capabilities such as packet capture and analytics; large-scale data analytics, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration, and malware analysis on this defensive cyberspace operations engineering contract.
Since 2012, the U.S. Intelligence Community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment has frequently listed cybersecurity as a major danger to our nation’s security.
According to VPSI CEO, Mr. Greg Hammond, “This Defensive Cyber Operations Enclave will require full lifecycle development across multiple domains to monitor, detect, identify, track, deter and defeat adversary, criminal and insider Cyber activities on Naval networks. VPSI is proud of the opportunity to support the Navy in establishing the environment from which Navy DCO forces will conduct network-monitoring activities.”
The Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) Enclave is a pre-Program of Record (POR) initiative of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC PAC), Code 58250 (Innovative Cybersecurity Engineering) group.
“VPSI is proud to lead a team of professionals with the collective technical and engineering expertise necessary to perform Information Systems engineering, Information Security scientific research, and Department of Defense/National Security System documentation support for the Navy and proud of the efforts of all involved to bring this award to VPSI.” (Greg Hammond, CEO)
This recent award is an illustration of VPSI’s commitment to excellence, and taking the necessary steps to adapt to a changing threat vector. VPSI recently appointed a Cyber Security Technical Manager, Mr. Michael Anderson (read story here), who will lead the company’s Information Assurance Working Group and manage VPSI’s accreditation test lab.
Cybersecurity is evolving into perhaps the greatest threat to face our nation in some time, VPSI remains vigilant and ready to support the mission requirements of our clients.